Thursday, April 8, 2010

Philip Treacy

Philip Tracey is more than just a hat designer. He is an artist, an haute couture milliner that has created outrageous designs for everyone from Lady Gaga to the Duchess of Cornwall for her wedding to the Prince of Wales. He has also created hats for fashion houses such as Chanel, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Versace and countless more. Philip Treacy's muse was style icon Isabella Blow who reportedly discovered Treacy and wore his hats constantly.

Philip Treacy’s designs are unlike any other hats or millinery work. They are eccentric avant-garde pieces that look more like sculpture worn on the head than anything else. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world including Australia. I love his work because it’s beautiful and completely crazy!

Images: Philip Treacy

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