Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lady Gaga and the love/hate relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with Lady Gaga. On one hand she is amazingly fashion forward, outrageous and creatively inspiring. On the other hand she is an idol to so many young girls (and boys) and I think some things she does is taken too far and she is sending the wrong message to these kids. Wow, I almost sound like my mother!

I was watching her new video of ‘Alejandro’ and I was stocked by how adult some of the scenes in it are. Also the fact that she is barely wearing anything (which isn’t new for her or for music videos in general) is a little too much for me. However, when she is actually wearing more than a strip of flesh coloured Lycra, she looks fantastic and so unique. (The chorography of the male dancers is amazing as well just on a side note) The same goes for her video clip with Beyonce and her tiny g-string; way too much information!!! But otherwise great styling.

There is no denying Lady Gaga is a very smart woman who has done very well to standout in a hard industry of sameness (just like fashion really!) and I completely respect her for that. I also think it’s great that there is someone mixing it up and being controversial, I just don’t wish to see her bare bum all the time.

Images: The Hollywood Gossip

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lee Lin Chin

Lee Lin Chin is the SBS World News Australia presenter and was also the host of a fabulous 10 minute program call ‘Fashionista’ on Saturday nights that highlighted of the happenings of the Australian fashion industry. Lee Lin Chin is an amazing fashion icon and for me a true modern Wonder Woman. Not only is Lee Lin Chin incredibly talented and good at her job (even I enjoy watching the news when she’s on!) she is also well known for her daring but graceful fashion sense. Each night is a different ensemble with matching glasses and crazy hair for the audience to enjoy. She is clearly a woman who likes to make an effort to be chic yet different but she also knows how to dress well to suit her personality and shape. I found this great quote from Lee Lin Chin that also reflects my feelings about fashion and dress.

"I rarely use that word: fashion. Fashion implies what is the trend and I don't think of clothing in those terms. What we wear should be dictated by how well it suits us. Your personality, your temperament and your figure."

Lee Lin Chin has quite a cult-like following on the internet including a fan of Lee Lin Chin page on facebook and a whole blog dedicated to what she wears presenting the news each night called Chinny Style (all photos are from this blog). It’s hilarious but utterly fantastic and certainly worth a look.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jean Patchett

If I could have any fashion model in the entire world dead or alive pose for a photo in any of my designs it would be Jean Patchett without a doubt. Jean Patchett was a model during the 1950's and her face especially her mole and her fabulous figure is the definition of fashion photography in the era. Vogue photographer Irving Penn who worked closely with Patchett described her as 'a young American goddess in Paris couture.' Apparently Jean Patchett has had more covers than any other model ever! Her career spanned 15 years and there is endless beautiful and iconic shots of Patchett that I spend hours pouring over. Again it comes down to the sophistication and the elegance of these photographs that I adore and inspires me. Patchett looks so grown up and in control yet womanly and sensual. It is everything I am trying to convey in my final year collection.

Images: Flickr

Monday, June 7, 2010

Grace Coddington

If you have been following my blog you will remember I insisted on you seeing The September Issue. I hope you have as it’s a really great documentary but also it heavily features today’s fashion icon; Grace Coddington. Grace is the Creative Director of American Vogue and one hell of a creative stylist.

Many people think American Vogue is so successful because of Anna Wintour’s hard hitting driving force but I don’t think that American Vogue would be half as good without Grace’s AMAZING editorials and creative thinking. Funnily enough Grace and Anna started at Vogue on the same day in 1988 and have since had a very respectful love hate relationship. As you have seen in The September Issue, Grace is really the only person that will stand up to Anna and fight for her work and what she wants.

Grace, born in England, began her career in the fashion world as a model. She won the Vogue Young Model Competition at 18 and had a very successful career modelling during the 60’s despite being involved in a car accident that left her face scared. When Grace was 27 she was offered a position at UK Vogue as a junior stylist and became well known for her magical and unforgettable narrative editorial images. As creative director at American Vogue, Grace’s work is inspiring. Her shoots are always elaborately detailed that transport the viewer into her fairy tale. She always creates a story that progresses through the shots.

Here is some of her remarkable work including a favourite editorial of mine from the infamous American Vogue September issue 2007.

'It's a mad cap world' American Vogue Feb 2009

'French Open' American Vogue October 2009

'In the mood' American Vogue September 2009

'Paris Je T'aime' American Vogue September 2007

'Brief encounter' Feburary 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The tutu

Researching and finding inspiration for a collection takes you down many different paths that seemingly don’t relate to each other yet all fit into the same mood or theme. This week’s path led me to the tutu. That’s right, the tutu. I am not foreign to the ballet world or the concept of a tutu as I have studied ballet for many, many years, worn many a tutu and in fact currently work in a ballet store. It was just a pleasant surprise for me to be drawn towards the iconic garment that is the tutu. I love the silhouette of the tutu and the contrast between the tight fitting bodice and the volumous flat skirt. I grew up dreaming to be a prima ballerina because she was so elegant and timelessly beautiful in her amazing tutu and perfect pointe shoes. I would like my collection to be viewed the same way, a series of stunning garments that make the wearer as beautiful and timeless as a prima ballerina.

The Australian Ballet Company has a great video on their website about the tutu and its origins which I recommend you have a look at. One of my favourite costumes of all time is the pleated black tutus from the ballet Divergence. The tutu is actually made out of industrial air conditioning mesh. Imagine trying to sew that!!

Divergence Tutu

Divergence Tutu

Photos: The Australian Ballet Company