Saturday, June 5, 2010

The tutu

Researching and finding inspiration for a collection takes you down many different paths that seemingly don’t relate to each other yet all fit into the same mood or theme. This week’s path led me to the tutu. That’s right, the tutu. I am not foreign to the ballet world or the concept of a tutu as I have studied ballet for many, many years, worn many a tutu and in fact currently work in a ballet store. It was just a pleasant surprise for me to be drawn towards the iconic garment that is the tutu. I love the silhouette of the tutu and the contrast between the tight fitting bodice and the volumous flat skirt. I grew up dreaming to be a prima ballerina because she was so elegant and timelessly beautiful in her amazing tutu and perfect pointe shoes. I would like my collection to be viewed the same way, a series of stunning garments that make the wearer as beautiful and timeless as a prima ballerina.

The Australian Ballet Company has a great video on their website about the tutu and its origins which I recommend you have a look at. One of my favourite costumes of all time is the pleated black tutus from the ballet Divergence. The tutu is actually made out of industrial air conditioning mesh. Imagine trying to sew that!!

Divergence Tutu

Divergence Tutu

Photos: The Australian Ballet Company

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