Monday, June 7, 2010

Grace Coddington

If you have been following my blog you will remember I insisted on you seeing The September Issue. I hope you have as it’s a really great documentary but also it heavily features today’s fashion icon; Grace Coddington. Grace is the Creative Director of American Vogue and one hell of a creative stylist.

Many people think American Vogue is so successful because of Anna Wintour’s hard hitting driving force but I don’t think that American Vogue would be half as good without Grace’s AMAZING editorials and creative thinking. Funnily enough Grace and Anna started at Vogue on the same day in 1988 and have since had a very respectful love hate relationship. As you have seen in The September Issue, Grace is really the only person that will stand up to Anna and fight for her work and what she wants.

Grace, born in England, began her career in the fashion world as a model. She won the Vogue Young Model Competition at 18 and had a very successful career modelling during the 60’s despite being involved in a car accident that left her face scared. When Grace was 27 she was offered a position at UK Vogue as a junior stylist and became well known for her magical and unforgettable narrative editorial images. As creative director at American Vogue, Grace’s work is inspiring. Her shoots are always elaborately detailed that transport the viewer into her fairy tale. She always creates a story that progresses through the shots.

Here is some of her remarkable work including a favourite editorial of mine from the infamous American Vogue September issue 2007.

'It's a mad cap world' American Vogue Feb 2009

'French Open' American Vogue October 2009

'In the mood' American Vogue September 2009

'Paris Je T'aime' American Vogue September 2007

'Brief encounter' Feburary 2010

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