Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jean Patchett

If I could have any fashion model in the entire world dead or alive pose for a photo in any of my designs it would be Jean Patchett without a doubt. Jean Patchett was a model during the 1950's and her face especially her mole and her fabulous figure is the definition of fashion photography in the era. Vogue photographer Irving Penn who worked closely with Patchett described her as 'a young American goddess in Paris couture.' Apparently Jean Patchett has had more covers than any other model ever! Her career spanned 15 years and there is endless beautiful and iconic shots of Patchett that I spend hours pouring over. Again it comes down to the sophistication and the elegance of these photographs that I adore and inspires me. Patchett looks so grown up and in control yet womanly and sensual. It is everything I am trying to convey in my final year collection.

Images: Flickr

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  1. Yes, she certain was a lovely ambassador of fashion with modern yet classic sensibility and Irving Penn interpreted perfectly. ...