Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lady Gaga and the love/hate relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with Lady Gaga. On one hand she is amazingly fashion forward, outrageous and creatively inspiring. On the other hand she is an idol to so many young girls (and boys) and I think some things she does is taken too far and she is sending the wrong message to these kids. Wow, I almost sound like my mother!

I was watching her new video of ‘Alejandro’ and I was stocked by how adult some of the scenes in it are. Also the fact that she is barely wearing anything (which isn’t new for her or for music videos in general) is a little too much for me. However, when she is actually wearing more than a strip of flesh coloured Lycra, she looks fantastic and so unique. (The chorography of the male dancers is amazing as well just on a side note) The same goes for her video clip with Beyonce and her tiny g-string; way too much information!!! But otherwise great styling.

There is no denying Lady Gaga is a very smart woman who has done very well to standout in a hard industry of sameness (just like fashion really!) and I completely respect her for that. I also think it’s great that there is someone mixing it up and being controversial, I just don’t wish to see her bare bum all the time.

Images: The Hollywood Gossip

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