Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lee Lin Chin

Lee Lin Chin is the SBS World News Australia presenter and was also the host of a fabulous 10 minute program call ‘Fashionista’ on Saturday nights that highlighted of the happenings of the Australian fashion industry. Lee Lin Chin is an amazing fashion icon and for me a true modern Wonder Woman. Not only is Lee Lin Chin incredibly talented and good at her job (even I enjoy watching the news when she’s on!) she is also well known for her daring but graceful fashion sense. Each night is a different ensemble with matching glasses and crazy hair for the audience to enjoy. She is clearly a woman who likes to make an effort to be chic yet different but she also knows how to dress well to suit her personality and shape. I found this great quote from Lee Lin Chin that also reflects my feelings about fashion and dress.

"I rarely use that word: fashion. Fashion implies what is the trend and I don't think of clothing in those terms. What we wear should be dictated by how well it suits us. Your personality, your temperament and your figure."

Lee Lin Chin has quite a cult-like following on the internet including a fan of Lee Lin Chin page on facebook and a whole blog dedicated to what she wears presenting the news each night called Chinny Style (all photos are from this blog). It’s hilarious but utterly fantastic and certainly worth a look.

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