Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nigella Lawson...a domestic goddess

Nigella Lawson is transfixing. For some reason whenever her show comes on the TV I can't help but watch. I am not really a fan of cooking shows and I while I don't mind to cook I would never actually make anything she is demonstrating. I think I watch because I am amazed at how comfortable she is in her own skin and her ability to charm and entice the viewer in an instant. Nigella is certainly a voluptuous woman and I think it's great that she is seen as a sex symbol in a era where size 0 is considered the only way to be beautiful. I also see Nigella as a modern 1950's housewife which kind of goes against the wonder woman idea but also compliments it. Nigella has made home cooking and being domesticated sexy. She is a hard working woman who has made millions from her best selling cook books, world renown TV series and her kitchen range. Nigella is a modern Wonder woman of sorts just a different way.

Nigella Lawson

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