Friday, May 7, 2010

Shocking pink and Schiaparelli

So one of the colours I am using in my up coming collection is magenta. I have always found it to be a bold exciting colour that takes a strong and courageous woman to wear it which fits perfectly with my collection. After a little investigation I found that magenta was made popular by Elsa Schiaparelli for the very reason I am using it in my collection.

'The Italian artist who makes clothes' was how Coco Chanel described Schiaparelli and indeed Schiaparelli very much regarded herself as an artist. She was greatly inspired by the surrealist movement and collaborated with many of the movement's great artists, especially Salvador Dali. Schiaparelli believed that women where naturally elegant and stylish so she designed to draw attention. Everything was deliberately designed to be outrageous and amusing, which is why in 1937 Schiaparelli introduced the colour 'shocking pink' to the world. A vibrant bold brilliant pink that would become Schiaparelli's trademark colour.

Shocking pink Schiaparelli tag

Schiaparelli's 'Shocking pink'

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